Tuesday DIY: Painted Ceramic Mugs

This post comes a day late – even though I made some of these a while ago, and these ones last night! I wanted to do something a bit different that could be turned into more of a personal gift then say.. an ordinary mug!

I saw these images online (which I pinned) and had stored it in my memory bank as something I wanted to do.

So, when I was at Michael’s the other day I decided to pick up some ceramic paint for a new project. Michaels has a variety of ceramic paint and markers. You can find all different brands and colours as well as opaque and transparent. The mugs I had made previous to these I did with a paint brush. It did work well, but didn’t achieve the lines I was going for – so I found it easier to squeeze right from the bottle onto the mug.

I picked these mugs up from the dollar store (as I’m still on my trial runs), but you can use any type of ceramic dish your heart desires! I also found that if I made a mistake I could simply wait for the paint to dry and pick/scrape it off without leaving a mark. Once you are done your design you’ll want to set your project aside for a few days (my paint instructions said 3 days *Different brands might give different instructions*). After they’ve sat for the specified time, they can head into the oven (at the given temp and given time) and that makes your beautiful art a permanent mug decal!

I think these are a great, inexpensive, and fun gift idea for the upcoming holidays! I like the idea of personalizing your art work for the person you are making it for , and you can always jazz it up with some coffee/tea packs or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop (or if your office mates are life mine – a mini bottle of Bailey’s!)

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