Saturday’s video: Movie Magic

I absolutely love everything about the entertainment world. I’ve always been quite interested and into movies and tv shows. Not just the finished production, but everything that has to happen to get that movie or show up on the big screen (or little screen). I almost enjoy watching the ‘behind the scene’ bits in the ‘special features’ section of dvds more than the actual film. I swear I’ve watched the behind the scenes segment for Lord of the Rings more times then I watched the movie itself. What goes on behind the camera is so cool! Everything from hair and make-up, wardrobe, set construction, camera crew and special effects.

Last summer I had the opportunity to spend a day on the set of a tv show (Heartland) and several days on the set of a low budget film (Hiding). I had really great experiences getting to work on both projects. I was obviously excited about getting to be in front of the camera (for all of 2 seconds once they get around to editing), but I was also very fascinated with what was going on behind the camera. Scenes are filmed over and over again from all different angles, and spacing seems ridiculously out of order until you see what the camera has captured. It’s funny to see scenes in movies where party goers are dancing to music and you know that when they filmed that scene there was NO music involved, everyone has to be extremely quite so that the mic only pics up the sound of the actors dialogue.

I have also been a regular member of ‘Bad Movie Night’ that is hosted by two of my friends in the living room of their upstairs apartment. Though we have a great time watching horribly bad movies (my friends commentary keeps me coming back) I have come to appreciate so many things about GOOD movies. I don’t think many of us recognize that people in movies AND behind movies actually work really hard. Everything from the set, the acting, the choreography (of fight or dance scenes), the training, the costumes, the make up, the special effects and editing – all make movies magical!

Today I wanted to share several videos on some of the movie magic you may not have seen or appreciated in several films. These are all more in the CGI sense, but watch the special features section of the next dvd you pop in and you might learn a few cool things that might make you appreciate the movie more.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Harry Potter


The Avengers

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