Thursday’s Website: P.S. I Made This

It’s not a surprise that I love DIYs. I always find myself looking at a cool shirt or a piece of art thinking ‘I could totally make this’! I’m constantly looking for ideas on what to make next, and pulling inspiration from other creators out there. I really like the look and style of today’s featured website.

Erica Domesek feeds our DIY hunger with her blog/website P.S. I Made This full of fashionable and trend setting items. Erica started off like one of us – a blogger posting her latest projects, and from there created a brand that has soared to success. She’s been featured in well known magazines and has also styled for popular companies such as Anthropologie and Madwell and even has her own book (that you may have seen already) ‘P.S. I Made This’

This website is chalk full of great DIYs and some fashion inspiration. Her creative direction is based around her motto, ‘I see it. I like it. I make it.’ She lays out each DIY in an easy to follow ‘step by step’ and gives us bright and fun visuals to go along with it.

Here is a taste of what you can expect to see on her website!

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