Tuesday DIY: Hand Bound Notebooks

I am a huge notebook nerd. I love them! I love all the different shapes, sizes and covers. I write in notebooks all the time, in fact I have boxes full of old journals, diaries and notebooks. And yet I continue to add to my collection almost monthly.

Journals can get expensive – and some times you don’t want to waste a fancy one with your everyday jot notes! Today I will show you how to easily make your own small notebooks!

First off you will need the following;

  • Paper – It can be lined or blank or scrap!
  • Cover paper – I suggest something thicker like card stock (I used paper from magazines I had laying around, these ones have nice thick paper with cool graphics!)
  • Thread and needle

Paper choices

Needle and thread

Cover card stock

First cut the paper and the cover card stock so that they are the same size. Continue to fold the paper in half horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the notebook you want.

Paper and cover

I prefer using a thicker needle for the next step. Before I start threading the notebook binding I puncture holes with the needle to make it easier to get through the thickness of the paper. I start from the bottom alternating inside and outside with my thread on my way up the book and then back down. I usually repeat this 3-4 times to make sure it is secure and durable! Tie it off and it’s as easy as that!

Threading binding

Notebook binding

Thinking about giving them as a gift? Why don’t you make a set of three and dress it up with your own packaging! I took some card stock and wrapped it around and glued it secure. I added a personal touch by adding a ‘handmade by’ stamp and my initial ‘C’.

Pack of notebooks

Notebook gift set

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