Inspiration for a Wednesday: A Restless Transplant

I wanted to share a website, blog, and photo site all created by a guy named Foster Huntington. I discovered A Restless Transplant via instagram a while back and have been completely taken by the images Foster posts daily. In fact I’m sure I have liked every single one of his pictures, and urge everyone to add him on instagram right now (fosterhungting).

Foster was your average joe working a big city job when he decided to leave it all behind for a life of exploration in a 1987 VW van.

In 2011 Foster left NY and headed to the West Coast in search of the ultimate surf and the perfect camp spots. Putting in more than 50,000 miles, Foster has documented his travels and shares all of his stories and photos with us dreamers. He posts some seriously stunning photography of locations one would only dream of being.

Check out his online blog for more of his stories at

His photo blog can be found at

If you want to see more of those who are living the #vanlife check out

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