Thursday’s Website:

Dear all crafters, DIY’ers, artists and creators alike (as well as those who just like to look at cool projects and dream of the day that you will get around to accomplishing one): you are about to receive a gold mine of inspiration in the form of

At first glance Craftgawker looks quite a bit like our other favorite friend, Pinterest. Row upon row of inspiring and interest catching images. It does differ a bit from Pinterest in the sense that you need to submit your photo. And they don’t just let any image pass the test! No bad angled, blurry, poor lighting, bad quality photos to be seen here. Users scroll through pages and pages of eye catching creative things all which are made by hand. The best part is the photos are submitted by craft bloggers themselves. So when you click on an image that tickles your fancy, you will be directed to the creators website for a how-to tutorial to teach you how to recreate that project you fell in love with. Don’t you hate when you see something really cool that you would really like to make, and you end up giving up because you just don’t know how? No excuses now!

Go check out the website. It’s pretty addicting. You will end up fifty pages deep before you even know it (think StumbleUpon). You can sign up and have the ability to ‘heart’ your favorite images/projects – which you might need to do, because there are so many things you’ll want to be making! The site updates frequently enough to lose the crafts you like in the masses.

And it doesn’t stop there – the ‘Gwakaverse’ as they call it also includes Dwellinggawker, Foodgawker, Stylegawker and Weddinggawker. Pretty much the whole kit and caboodle if you are a girl like me!

Go get your craft on! Here are a few personal DIY’s that have caught my attention! I’ve included the links that were provided from Craftgawker that will take you to the crafters website.

  1. Fabric Valentine’s heart garland – How About Orange
  2. Vamped wine bottles – Creative Jewish Mom
  3. Fall stick vase – The Wonder Forest
  4. His and her pillow cases – A Beautiful Mess
  5. Asos bleached heart tee – Look What Melissa Made
  6. Paper arrow bunting – Made From Scratch
  7. Pallet antler wall art – Megan Brooke Handmade


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