Tuesday DIY: Hand Painted Cards

What you will need:

Blank card(s), paint (any kind, I will be using watercolor), pencil, paint brush, black fine tip pen

First start out with your blank card. I found several neat blank card packages at Michael’s craft store (on sale for $1!), I like these because they are all a bit different and allow for many creative possibilities! I ended up buy a whole whack of them – when is a handmade card NOT better than a store bought one?

Depending on the style and look of your card you will want to plan the layout of your design. Since my card is circular, I plan on placing my words (I miss you!) slightly above center with my floral design incasing it.

I like to do my lettering first so that I can achieve the spacing and size I want before adding the detail. Time to decide on which type of font/typography you would like to use. My cheat? Looking online for help! I suggest searching typography on pinterest or looking on dafont.com for lettering inspiration. I have an entire board on pinterest dedicated to fonts and type and I am always going there for reference. For this card I pulled inspiration from here and here.

My other personal trick is finding my design ideas online. If you are unsure of what you would like to draw, find some inspiration! I love browsing sites like etsy, pinteret and even google images for ideas. If you find something you love, re-create it. I don’t mean copy what you find! I think that’s the big problem ‘copying’. You obviously like something for a reason – so go off the basics of what you like and tweak it, make it better, modify it! Make it yours. It’s a huge compliment to like something but you can’t copy something exactly and take credit for it. For my floral design I pulled inspiration from here and here.

Once you have your ideas set, pencil it in. Draw out your plan. The way I paint my cards is with watercolor. I like having the ability to create different shades and depths easily. I also don’t pay attention to my drawn lines. I like the effect of painting ‘outside’ the lines. Try carrying similar colors through out to a common theme.

Once your paint has dried I like to go back and add an outline to the painting. I like that it makes everything stand out and comes off more detailed. Don’t worry about outlining perfectly – it looks cool to have under/over lapping color.

Finishing touches – sometimes I add a light color around my design. It adds a bit extra and doesn’t seem so bare with all the ‘white space’.

You’re done! Now use for someone special!

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