Music Monday: Ben Howard

Ben Howard: Old Pine. Filmed and directed by Mickey Smith

This is a music video of Ben Howard, shown to me recently by my photographer friend Eric Neff while I was visiting him in Lake Louise. Eric was obviously drawn to the cinematography of the video and pried a bit further to also discover the gem of a photographer Mickey Smith (who I will be talking about this upcoming Saturday).

I fell in love with this video, then the song, then the singer. For me, the music video for Old Pine radiates all things I love. I’m sure after you’ve watched this video you either played it again, wanted to hear more from Ben Howard, or look up more of his music videos. Unfortunately Mickey Smith, a surf photographer, doesn’t shoot any other videos for Ben, so this is a particular visual treat.

Ben Howard is an English song writer (bonus points already for the accent!). He grew up with musical parents and admits to Joni Mitchell, among others, as his greatest influences. I would describe his music as a blend of melodic, rootsy, folk and acoustic tones. Incorporated with his own singing and guitar playing is cello, ukelele, bass and keys. A dead on mix to go with his soft smooth voice.

Ben Howard is currently signed under the keyboardist from Mumford and Sons, Ben Lovett’s, label. This year has seen Ben’s name and music get progressively more well known, and has sent him touring America (which as an artist from the UK he states is ‘the holy grail’). Check out an interview taken by Interview Magazine and get to know the artist a bit more!

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